Dr. Marvin Lagstein, a leading provider of Oakland NJ braces, is here to tell you about his six month challenge for better, straighter teeth! With his new technology, you will be able to non-visible braces that will straighten your teeth and make any smile look fantastic.

Are you ready to have a high definition, perfect smile in just six months?

Now you can, using cutting edge technology that delivers a perfect result for anyone looking for braces in Oakland NJ. The best part is the nano-braces are nearly microscopic and go behind your teeth.

Oakland NJ Braces

“With Nano-Braces Behind Your Teeth Nobody Will Ever Know You’re Wearing Braces!”

You’ve never seen anything like it before and the entire process is virtually pain free.

Plus Dr. Lagstein, a leading provider of braces in Oakland NJ, guarantees you’ll have straight teeth for life. You’ll never have to pay for braces again.

You’re invited for a completely free consultation to get all the details and find out if this treatment would be right for you.

When you consult with Dr. Lagstein’s office, you will receive a free autographed copy of his book that will put you on a path to better confidence and so much more!

During your visit you’ll see before and after photos of people just like you who NOW have a perfect smile and got it in six months or less.

Check out the great information available on this site and find out the benefits of this great technology from the leading provider or braces in  NJ!

Doctor Lagstein’s Videos

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